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Grandmother Held for Strangling Grandson in Kayunga District


Kayunga, Uganda – In a shocking incident, police in Kayunga District are holding a 59-year-old woman, Habibah Kideni, accused of strangling her 7-year-old grandson, Jonathan Duku. The tragic event unfolded on June 21 when Duku, a primary one pupil at Busaana Church of Uganda Primary School, left home to play without his grandmother’s permission.

Ms. Rosette Sikahwa, the Kayunga District police commander, confirmed the arrest of Kideni, a resident of Busaana cell in Busaana Town Council. The details surrounding the incident paint a grim picture of domestic violence and neglect.

According to Mr. Rajab Mukwaya, the Deputy Mayor of Busaana and a local resident, Kideni had been caring for Duku since he was nine months old. On the evening of June 21, when the boy returned home around 6 PM, Kideni became furious. Eyewitnesses, including neighbors, reported that she began battering the boy as he pleaded for forgiveness.

“At around 6 PM, the boy returned home, and when a furious Kiden saw him, she pounced on him and started battering him while the boy pleaded for forgiveness,” Mr. Mukwaya recounted.

Neighbors who heard Duku’s cries tried to intervene but were unsuccessful. The situation escalated when Kideni, in a fit of rage, dragged the boy into the house while squeezing his head. Mr. Ibrahim Zedi, the area LC 1 chairperson, described the horrific scene that followed.

“While in the house, it seems the suspect realized the boy had died. She lay him on the bed facing downward and later locked the house and went away,” Mr. Zedi said.

Kideni did not return until the following morning, at which point she raised an alarm, claiming her grandson had died. Her distressed neighbors, already aware of the previous evening’s events, quickly gathered and accused her of the boy’s murder.

Enraged, the residents attempted to lynch Kideni, but local leaders intervened, rushing her to Busaana police station. She was subsequently transferred to Kayunga central police station, where she is being held on murder charges. The postmortem report confirmed that the boy had been strangled.

“She is facing murder charges,” Ms. Sikahwa stated.

Adding to the community’s outrage, it was revealed that Kideni had been arrested earlier this year for severely beating Duku, only to be released on police bond. This revelation has intensified scrutiny over the handling of previous domestic abuse reports.

The tragedy continued during Duku’s burial, where angry residents turned on his mother, accusing her of neglecting her parental responsibilities. She narrowly escaped harm thanks to the intervention of some mourners.

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