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DEFIANCE AND UNITY: Kabale Town Stands Still as Opposition Leader Bobi Wine Inaugurates Party Offices

KABALE, UGANDA – Business activities came to a standstill in Kabale town on Thursday as Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), inaugurated party offices along Nyerere road.

Despite reported harassment and intimidation from the police and military forces, the residents of Kabale defied all odds to extend a warm welcome to the opposition leader. The event was marked by a show of determination and unity from the citizens, who stood their ground in support of the NUP.

In a statement posted on the NUP’s official Twitter account, the party said, “We managed to make our way into Kabale against all odds. The people have defied the intimidation and harassment from the police and army to warmly welcome us into their area.”

The NUP leader expressed gratitude towards the citizens of Kabale for their resilience and support. On his official Facebook page, Bobi Wine penned an appreciative post saying, “THANK YOU KABALE. The police and military started harassing you since early morning, but you insisted and stayed on the streets to wait for us. When they blocked us from entering the town, you peacefully marched through the town with us. And yes, you are still waiting for us outside the radio!”

Despite the reported attempts to hinder the event, the opening of the NUP offices proceeded, symbolizing a significant political stride for the opposition party. This event underscores the increasing support for the NUP and its leader, Bobi Wine, as they continue to challenge the status quo in Ugandan politics. It remains to be seen how this unity and defiance will shape the future political landscape in Uganda.

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