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National Unity Platform Warns Against Fraudulent Money Collection

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has issued a statement addressing reports of fraudulent money collection by unscrupulous individuals falsely claiming to represent the party. The NUP, a prominent political party in Uganda, has received numerous complaints from Ugandans both within the country and abroad who have fallen victim to these fraudulent schemes.

According to the complaints received, these imposters have been deceiving people by asserting their affiliation with the NUP and its leadership. They have employed various tactics, such as organizing alleged protests on behalf of the party or soliciting funds to support victims of abuse by the regime. Additionally, they have claimed to provide assistance with travel documents, asylum applications, and other related services in exchange for monetary contributions.

The National Unity Platform categorically disassociates itself from these fraudulent individuals and emphasizes that they do not represent the party in any capacity. The party condemns their actions and urges the public to exercise caution in their dealings with such individuals or organizations claiming to raise funds on behalf of the NUP.

The NUP asserts that it has established official channels through which it communicates with the public. Any requests for assistance, information, or support from the party will be communicated through these known channels. The party strongly discourages individuals from making any form of payment to those claiming to raise funds on their behalf.

The NUP warns that individuals who choose to engage with these fraudulent actors or contribute money to them do so entirely at their own risk. The party cannot be held responsible for any losses or negative consequences resulting from such interactions.

National Unity Platform urges the public to remain vigilant and exercise caution when approached by individuals or organizations claiming to represent the party and soliciting funds. The NUP remains committed to serving the interests of the Ugandan people and will continue to work towards their welfare through legitimate and transparent means.

Note: This article is based on a press release issued by the National Unity Platform (NUP). The content and statements mentioned in this article are solely attributed to the NUP and have not been independently verified by the publisher.

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