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VIDEO: Netizens Left Stunned After Popular Ugandan Tiktoker Admits to Being Gay in a Viral Video.

Popular Ugandan TikToker and Twitter celebrity Sammie Manini is seen in a DW Documentary video that has gone viral on social media admitting that he is gay and explaining how guys always pay to be bitten by his monster cassava.

According to the viral video, it displays an old documentary interview conducted by the German media organization DW while investigating a story about homosexuality in Uganda.

And to many people’s shock, Sammie Manini was the person in front of the camera.

When Sammie arrives, he gives the male client he was directing a call while they were on the phone.

Sammie is seen on the phone with a male client he was directing, and when he arrives, he hugs him.

On March 21, 2023, Uganda’s parliament passed a new anti-gay legislation that imposes severe penalties for same-sex relationships.

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